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The Griffin Talks With Margaret Somerville

My conversation with famed bio-ethics professor Margaret Somerville. In this extensive interview I ask the professor about her pro vaccine mandate position.

Oddly, this is one of my favourite interviews of all. Despite disagreeing with her position, I really enjoyed my discussion with the professor which covered a wide array of topics. She was kind, generous with her time and answered my challenging questions thoughtfully.

You might find it interesting to hear that I worked really hard, harder than any other interview, to prepare questions based on the professor’s previous academic and activist positions. I believe it was poignant (and a little sad to me) when she realized at about the two third mark that I did not share her world view.

I know it is long and quite unique from other interviews I have done, but this talk, to me at least, exemplifies how incredibly insightful and credible individuals can fail to see the contradictions evident in their established positions. I hope you enjoy it.

The Uncensored Citizen
Bruce Girdler