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This is FANTASTIC! Thanks to all who put the effort in to these clips and synopses. I really want to watch the whole hearing but will have to do so in brief periods as time is available. None of the video services ever keep my place in the stream by the next day. Now I can go straight to areas of interest and view them first — and see all the important highlights. Thanks so much!!

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This is awesome! Thank you 🙏🏼

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Special thanks to all for putting together this wonderful, complete summary.

And more thanks to Senator Johnson for his continued efforts in sharing truth to as many as will listen. Lastly, thanks to these amazing men and women for their deep expertise and truths.

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Amen, sister in Christ, we fight in the first row, no matter cannon fodder, we don´t quit!

Absolutely, beautiful, kudos, my last thumb up, love it!

In 2010, I wrote a legendary book titled USA United Satanic America reflecting its essence, which was censored, restricted, banned.

I just saw a picture of Sunak and Elensky in a helicopter laughing like the best buddies ever, those Nazi SOB POS MTFs!



Let the tribunals begin! Jaws crack, balls drop, drums, or heads, roll!

In the meantime .... https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/wielding-endtime-divine-scythed-2011

Or you can go to Iceland .... why not ? https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/iceland-in-bloom

Or try my hot spa, perhaps? https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/hope-nope-dope-cope

Either way they are to blame ..... https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/monks-or-monkeys-or-mtfs

Not my fault! https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/membership-mandatory-the-enabling


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